Celebrate Your Drinking Water Week: The Silent Chemical War Unleashed Upon Americans 

Unknown to most people in America, we are all wrapping up the “official” nation-wide festival: Celebrate Drinking Water Week (May 7 – 13)! 

A huge thanks to decades-long proganda schemes from government groups/agencies in America, and huge industrial corporations, most Americans who consume water assume that our water is “safe.”

They probably assume the flouride, which is actually added to their public water source, is some form of sterilized pharmaceutical grade nutrient or mineral because adding it to the water supply can be billed as ‘public health’ activity.  They also probably do not realize that this “bonus” is not added for free but delivered and the municipal district is charged a huge fee for it (which is then passed onto the citizens)!

While the dental community has long held that there are beneficial links between flouride and reduced cavities in people, that sort of health benefit certainly falls to a lower benefit than cancer prevention, peneal gland and thyroid function – things the scientific community has demonstrated and documented are detrimentally impacted by flouride consumption. 

Flouride is a toxic waste byproduct primarily produced from aluminium production and drizzle fertilizer industries/practices. While it can occur naturally, since it is an ionized deritive of the highly reactive and toxic element known as flourine, it is usually produced under extreme situations related to natural phenomenon such as volcanic eruptions and lava flows.

How often have we been bombarded with selling techniques (public relations schemes or proganda) that this is something needed or beneficial for our health, specifically or teeth?

While there has been ample reporting through the years in the past on the true impact of flouride (more accurately, hydrofluosilicic acid) upon human bodies, one would think that as Americans respond with outrage (those who are widely willing to enthusiastically support our military to destroy Syria, for instance)  over baseless and unverified allegations of Middle East dictators unleashing sarin gas chemical attacks upon their own foreign populations, that there would be at least as much outrage over their own domestic government’s documented, verifiable and proven chemical exposure unleashed upon whole cities and regions, which occurs daily, if not hourly, based on how often people drink water.


Local to me, the Dallas Morning News and ‘D’ Magazine outlets, when they report on the issue, do the predictable: discredit the alternative news outlets, lump them into “conspiracy”(“conspiracy theory” was a term coined by the US Gov’t in the first place to dispel countering legitimate claims against the official Warren Commission Report) camps, and offer only supporting sides of their own position – usually only CDC or dental community organizations or spokespersons – without including the scientific or medical professional voices establishing logical concern of water fluoridation based on the data.


Of course, as is common in this multi-generation propaganda war, when outlets like the ones I just mentioned report on this issue they always put it in context of “public health,” or, perhaps, those who are saying that water fluoridation should be eliminated are actually advocating for reduced public health or overall welfare.


When one considers the extent that US government officials and their corporate media ventriloquists will go to in order to paint foreign dictatorships in the worst light possible in order to justify unleashing war upon entire civilzations, one must consider to what degree of evil deception they will stoop to in order to convince their own population that consuming poison is actually good for their health, or at least leave them with that impression!

It’s quite logical: what is the guiding precedence, force or light behind lying and refusing to report the truth, especially when human lives can be detrimentally alerted or destroyed?

The extent of this depravity comes into clearer perspective when one discovers the documented links between flouride and health impact, which include, among other serious health robbing symptoms: the penial gland, the thyroid, and studies which demonstrate a link between lower IQs and attention deficit disorders, cancer and so on – rendering the affected segments of the population with a lowered ability to think critically, or desire to do so, about any given situation including what the ruling powers over them may be doing to harm them!

The peneal gland is very important for healthy human sexuality, timing processes and hormone production (among other things). Alzheimer’s, ADD/ADDHD, and numerous other brain-peneal gland disorders have all been linked to flouride exposure. 

Then there are all the symptoms tied to a dysfunctioning thyroid. A person could literally have 20 to 60 symptoms or more due to a poor or non-functioning thyroid:

  • Migrane headaches 
  • Confusion
  • Loss of mental focus
  • Lightheadedness
  • High blood pressure 
  • Disrupted sleep patterns/loss of sleep at night
  • Arthritis 
  • Bladder infections
  • Endocrine system disorders
  • Mood swings
  • Skin disorders/psoriasis 
  • Brittle nails
  • Loss of energy
  • Weight gain

And this just names a few!

I should add that one of the top 5 most prescribed medications in America is thyroid treatment pharmaceuticals (Levothyroxine or a variant). Among the top 10, hypertension/high blood pressure drugs fill in several slots!

How does the world’s most powerful government on earth ever advance its agenda within its own population that is supposed to be “free?” Subversively attack the mood, energy and thought processes within the bodies of its own citizens so that it is rendered nearly unable or unwilling to think critically to question or counter false narratives or mass propaganda schemes or even respond to grave injustices, locally and globally!

It is a normal practice of US governments and municipal districts to decide for the larger communities as to what additives to put into the public’s water supply regardless of the overall need or welfare of that population.

In the North Central Texas area, where I live, the City of Dallas not too long ago did consider to end water fluoridation. Yet, I wonder if, for example, overall public school performance in their greatly troubled school district, would increase if water fluoridation would be eliminated? 

Adding flouride to the water in America was originally popularized by the public relations guru, Edward Bernays. Bernays was a nephew of the great Psychologist, Sigmund Freud, who cleverly tapped into his psychological knowledge in order to unleash his career in propaganda upon entire countries for US wars along with other proganda campaigns called “public relations” in order to advance agendas of private corporations.

Bernays is the one who originated the idea that the general population is more likely to trust the discretion and word of doctors so the flouride “supply” industry recruited Dentists to help win the trust of the public to provide a profitable way for aluminum manufacturers to dispose of their toxic waste.

Nevermind that Dentists long held that mercury was appropriate to fixate into human myths through fillings or crowns. Mercury has been shown to destroy neurons and has been linked to suicide. Dentists once held the highest, among all other professions, suicide rates.

This is the real historical context behind the controversial water fluoridation scandal. So, most Americans will continue on in ignorance, consuming “medicine” on behalf of “public health” whether you need it or not and to your real high stakes detriment.
The “recommended” water fluoridation level has been lowered over the years and is now set at .7 milligrams of flouride power one liter of water.  


After examining the City of Richardson’s own water report card posted on their website, it is evident flouride levels have continued to creep over these new levels, at .84. Richardson pulls from the same water supply municipal district as Dallas, Garland, Wylie and others – all areas saturated with cancer, lower school performances and high thyroid medicine prescription rates.


Now watch some real journalism to start your own research, with real experts, like Dr. William Hirzy (who has testified before US Senate hearings in the past), and politicians who make a compelling case against water fluoridation below:




Have more water in your life!


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